How Do I Drop Assault Charges?

Edited by Saul Bienenfeld

Were the police called, and now you wish you could take it back? Are you trying to find out if can assault charges be dropped? Dropping assault charges is difficult. Calling the police to ask that the charges be dropped doesn’t usually work. Often the prosecutor won’t return your calls. In most assault cases, your best option is to work with the criminal defense attorney handling the assault charges. If your loved one does not already have an attorney then you need to make sure they get a lawyer for their assault charge right away.

We often get assault charges dropped or dismissed. But it isn’t easy. We have a process that we take each case through. This process can vary from county to county. You need a lawyer familiar with the New York courts and the District Attorney’s Office.

Part of the process is getting your request for dismissal (or dropping charges) seriously considered. This may include:

  • An affidavit of non-prosecution (ANP);
  • A sworn statement correcting what was said to police;
  • Counseling sessions; and
  • Other information provided to the prosecutor.

If you want to drop assault charges DO NOT speak with prosecutors until you have met with the criminal defense attorney handling the case. If you cannot get in touch with the criminal defense attorney handling the case then perhaps your loved one should consider getting a new attorney. Think about it, you’re the State’s star witness. A criminal defense attorney should make meeting with you a top priority.

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