The best defense for every client. Not just the innocent.

You don’t need to be innocent to get a great defense. Saul Bienenfeld knows that sometimes people just make mistakes. If you made a mistake and find yourself under investigation, indicted or arrested, Saul’s goal is to make sure that you get the best defense possible.

No cookie cutter defenses.

Saul treats every case as unique because every case is unique. From the personalities of the judge and the prosecuting attorney, to the specific situation of your case, Saul takes your special circumstances into consideration and tailors each defense to deliver you the best possible outcome.

Fierce fighter for your rights.

Saul’s years of experience has shown him the many problems in the system. He’s seen government overreach, police violating people’s rights, overworked and inexperienced public defenders providing less than competent representation, and it angers him. He fights to make sure that you get the best possible outcome. He won’t let the system step all over you.

From District Attorney to Criminal Defense, Saul understands both sides of the system.

Before turning to criminal defense more than 20 years ago, Saul began his law career as Assistant District Attorney for the Special Narcotics Bureau. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Saul is keenly aware of the problems in our criminal justice system. Because Saul knows the court system, the judges and what they are looking for as well as the prosecutors and how they think, he can speak to you knowledgeably about your chances. He knows how far he can push to get the outcome he is seeking.

Saul had an amazing game plan for my situation right off the bat, and made me and my family feel much more comfortable throughout the process. He is extremely intelligent, creative, and an avid fighter for his clients. Due to Saul’s tireless work, efforts, and time, all charges against me were dropped. He had such a meticulous and well thought out plan for my case/trial. Saul is a winner. You want to be his client and you want him fighting with you.

The clock is ticking.

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