Attorney Saul Bienenfeld

With a JD from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Saul began his law career as Assistant District Attorney for the Special Narcotics Bureau. As an ADA, he had a 98% conviction rate. More importantly, it was in those early years that he developed a passion for seeing justice done and putting an end to prosecutorial overreach.

Today he brings that passion to his criminal defense clients regardless of their circumstances. Saul believes that every client, innocent or guilty, deserves the best defense they can get. He works tirelessly for each of his clients to create the best possible outcome.

Over more than 20 years as a criminal defense attorney, Saul has had the opportunity to hone his already sharp instincts. Because he knows the court system, he can advise you of the potential outcomes of your case. Because he knows judges and what they are looking for, he can advise you of potential sentences. And because he knows the prosecutors and how they think, he can speak knowledgeably about your chances and knows what to do to get the most successful result.

Always honest, Saul does not sugarcoat. He believes that the more clarity you have about your situation, the better you and he can work together to create the best possible defense. Saul believes an educated client is the best defendant and he makes sure you understand the circumstances you find yourself in, what options are available to you and what the process is for achieving the best outcome possible.